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All there is to know about infiltrating carcinoma of the breast

rak molochnoj zhelezyOver the last few decades the problem such as breast cancer took almost the first place among all cancers worldwide. Thus, according to the statistics, 16% of all problems with cancer in women falls on carcinoma of the breast. In terms of its histological structure like this can be so invasive or non-invasive. And the second type is called infiltrating carcinoma of the breast, which is the most extensive and falls on 80% of all cancers in this part of the body.

The who classification divides this type of cancer into two forms according to its microscopic structure, namely ductal and lobular shape. However, in both cases, women can detect this formation by conventional palpation of his chest. At the same time infiltrative carcinoma non-specific type (the second name of this form of cancer is felt as a dense formation with a sharp contour with dimensions of 1-10 cm Can also be observed retraction of the skin around this tumor. But the lobular form of this type of cancer manifests in the type of tumor that starts around the nipple and goes up to the armpit. Regardless of the shape of the tumor it causes malignant growth characterized by metastases. So, the tumor is eliminated in fat cells in the lymph nodes, uterus or ovaries, especially in infiltrating carcinoma, grade 3 of malignancy. But it is also great danger to the female genital organs.

Why might it occur?

Here first it is important to emphasize that at present still not fully explored all the reasons of this cancer. But there are assumptions about the risk of these tumours in those patients who are exposed to certain factors of influence, namely:

  • rak molochnoj zhelezythe first thing to treat them hereditary factor;
  • previously treated cancer;
  • characteristics of sexual function of a particular woman;
  • late pregnancy or her absence;
  • mastopathy and fibroadenoma;
  • long-term use of hormonal birth control;
  • hormone therapy at menopause;
  • the influence of various radiation;
  • various problems endocrine nature.

Of course, all the name of the triggering factors of this disease are only an assumption of scientists and doctors. Nevertheless, in time to prevent the insidious development of such tumors is necessary to take into account these assumptions and to try to exclude them. In particular, if you have even one of these factors, you also need to carefully monitor their health and not postpone visits to their doctor.

What distinguishes stage?

In General, there are 3 phases of this type of cancer, because zero phase is not to treat infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Thus, the first stage is visible as a small education which diameter reaches not more than two inches. Infiltrating carcinoma 1 degree is characterized by lesions of the lymph nodes. Then follows the second stage, the tumor has already reached sizes over 5 inches. Thus malignancy can spread into the fat cells. Also it should be noted that infiltrative ductal carcinoma 2 degrees can go into the axillary lymph nodes, and thus no way to affect the lymphatic system. So, if the cancer is detected at infiltrarse ductal carcinoma 2 grade, that is a 75-90% chance of survival.

If we talk about the third stage, that is to say that the disease has penetrated into the skin of the breast and lymph nodes. Also infiltrative carcinoma non-specific type 3the degree of malignancy is characterized by the growth of the whole cell layer. The fourth and most advanced stage of the disease goes beyond the chest and into the brain, bones and other organs of the patient. Here will no longer be effective, no one method of treatment. There is only the possibility of extending the life of the patient.

How to be therapy?

lechenieAs soon as he was diagnosed with infiltrative carcinoma non-special type, immediately proceed to its treatment. The doctor here primarily looks at the neglect of this type of cancer and assigns a corresponding therapeutic effect. Account is also taken of factors such as the presence of tumor cells in other tissues and aggressiveness of the tumor. So, today there are many different methods of getting rid of carcinoma of this type. In particular, this purpose can be used surgery. It should say that this cure is used most often. After all, it can be called the most productive of all.

However, this surgery is performed in most cases in combination with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. At the same time, intervention can be performed and a resection of the entire affected breast tissue and the exclusion of only a small part. In addition, during such an operation also often remove the lymph nodes that are near the chest. This helps eliminate the possibility of recurrence. Also, with additional intervention, the surgeon may implant the breast in order to get rid of external defects after surgery.

But after the operation the patient is prescribed a course of blast radiation. Thus is exposed the area of the breast that was affected by the tumor. In addition to this can be attributed to various medicines to destroy the remaining malignant cells.