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First symptoms of lip cancer

A malignant tumor can be formed from squamous epithelium of the mucous membrane of the lips. In this case, developing a disease called cancer of the lips, a type of cancer of the oral cavity.

General information

pervye simptomy raka gubyThis disease is rare in young people, most often, it affects people at the age of 50-70 years. Predominantly men. Most often, there is lip cancer from Smoking, viral infections, injury to the mucous membrane of the lips, warty growths. In addition, to trigger the development of cancer can stomatitis, chemical burns, abuse of alcohol. The catalyst of the disease can become piercing.

Looks like lip cancer? This is a small education on the red border of lips, sores, cracks or papillomas. Can peel be covered with scales.

More than 80% of cases of lip cancer is a tumor keratinizing squamous cancer characterized by relatively slow growth, late development of metastases.

The risk of lip cancer that in severe cases it spreads into the jaw bone, and cells, carries a current of lymph and blood, give rise to new foci.

Symptoms of lip cancer:

  • The constant peeling of the edges of the lips,
  • Rough seal, covered with scab,
  • Itching and discomfort while eating,
  • Copious saliva,
  • The increase in the number of complaints over time.

First symptoms of lip cancer can go unnoticed, especially against herpes, cracks or other damage the vermilion border. However, lip cancer in most cases is detected in the early stages. This is due to its external localization, even small, but prolonged healing wound, ulcer on the lips draws attention to itself. Thanks to early detection, the vast majority of patients have a chance for five-year survival and more than 70% reach stable recovery.

Lip cancer: initial stage

Onset of the disease is characterized by the appearance of small movable knot or seal that can be covered with crust. It is completely painless, but when you try to disrupt the crust formed new large size. Often the tumor is covered with a grayish bloom. The hallmark of cancers is the absence of inflammatory infiltration surrounding the ulcer (in the early stages), and the presence of velikobritanija seal around it.

In some cases, the first signs of lip cancer is increased salivation and discomfort in the mouth. But gradually, with the development of the disease, and increase other, more unpleasant symptoms, they change the appearance.

Lip cancer can "settle" both the lower and upper lip. Symptoms of cancer of the lower lip and upper lip differ only in the localization of tumors. However, cancer of the lower lip occurs more often. In the area of the lower lip forms a seal, ulcer, fissure, formation, resembling a wart.

What is lip cancer?

On the lower lip, often the center, changed visible area, covered with a crust of gray-brown. If you contact this site may bleed. Palpation is defined as a dense, painless. However, the removal of the crusts can be painful, and under them you can see the spread on a thick base. They can resemble a wart or cauliflower. These growths red bleeding.

All signs of lip cancer, its manifestations are quite vivid and varied. If you do not pay attention to them, the cancer will move to the next stage when it will be affected lymph nodes, jaw, there will be General symptoms: fatigue, fever, lack of appetite (especially because the symptoms may interfere with normal food intake).

Pay attention to yourself, notskip the first symptoms of lip cancer, because the beginning of the disease may be a small crack on the lips. If it does not heal, it can serve as a source of big problems. Not worth it to wait, postponing the visit to the doctor. In the first stage it is possible to do without surgery (which rarely happens in cancer). Carry out radiotherapy treatment method short-focus x-ray therapy or interstitial therapy. The first two stages, lip cancer can be completely cured of the disease.