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The treatment of colon cancer

The treatment of colon cancer depends on the stage of disease and General condition of the patient. Typically, the primary method of cancer treatment – surgery.

Surgical treatment of tumor of the intestine is an operation, which can be removed the tumor and the closest lymph nodes, if they are affected by the pathological process. But the operation is more efficient if the lymph nodes are not affected. This is possible up to the third degree of the disease, because metastases can occur immediately. It happens that the tumor is quite large, but not metastatic, cancer of the bowel grade 3 is quite operable, and the chances of survival of the patient are great enough.

The types of surgical treatment

  • Resection of intestine,
  • The removal of the affected intestine.
  • Resection with removal of a colostomy.

The operation can be intraperitoneal or peritoneal-anal. In the early stages, when lesions of the lower intestine, it can be performed through the colonoscope without breakdown.

lechenie raka kishechnikaThe technique of operation and extent of surgery will depend on the location of the tumor and the extent of its prevalence. Doctors usually try to preserve the bodies of the sick, but often the only treatment is removal of the entire affected by a tumor of the colon. As often happens in cancer of the rectum. If the tumor is localized in the cecum or in the ascending and hepatic flexures of the colon, and remove her entire right half. In other cases, deleted the left half. When cancer of the sigmoid colon, the entire sigmoid colon should be removed.

Surgery for treatment of colon cancer can be divided of surgery, preserving the natural way bowel movement, and operations with the elimination of colostomy. Of course, surgeons try to perform the first type of operations. However, this is not always possible. If removed the rectum, then a colostomy is inevitable. When you remove the intestine can be wrapped with the ends of the intestine and restored its integrity. When you delete a large plot, perhaps the anastomosis, but it may be accompanied by a colostomy. Under favorable the circumstances in 4-6 months possible re-operation, which restores the normal method of emptying the bowel.

Other treatments

While the cardinal invented nothing new in the treatment of cancer. The treatment of colon cancer includes drug therapy (chemotherapy) and radiation treatment (radiation or radiotherapy).

Radiotherapy is often combined with surgical treatment. With the help of radiation therapy destroyed the cancer cells, or slowing their development. It is not always possible complete removal of the tumor, and if there is metastasis, cancer cells will give rise to new tumors.

Chemotherapy for bowel cancer is a method of medical treatment. Drugs used in this method, also destroy or stop cancer cells division. Chemotherapy is able to prolong human life, even in the case of the presence of metastases in other organs.

The treatment of colon cancer folk remedies

It is allowed in addition to the basic treatment to use herbal medicine. It was the effect of plants on the body is the basis of national treatment. One of the most popular anticancer agents is, for example, St. John's wort. Take it as a tincture (1 tablespoon of chopped herbs per Cup of boiling water) three times a day. The aqueous extract of centaury helps to restore strength, gives energy. In addition, centaury enhances the gastrointestinal tract, purifies the blood and has analgesic effect.

Food for bowel cancer

Scientists from different countries revealedthe influence of diet on human health. Proper nutrition is important for healthy people and for patients. Diet for bowel cancer plays a significant role in the treatment of the disease and in the prevention of complications and recurrences.

  • First, you need to reduce the intake of sugar, as tumors develop better where it more.
  • Secondly, you need to choose products without any chemical additives.
  • Thirdly, you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Many of them contain substances that prevent the growth of cancer cells, especially all kinds of cabbage, beets, onions, garlic.
  • Fourthly, you should eat seafood. The most simple – a couple of tablespoons of seaweed.
  • Fifth, it should be excluded from the diet of animal fats, it is better to replace vegetable, preferably unrefined.

Diet will help to support the immune system, and this is most important in fighting any disease, with bowel cancer, including.