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Symptoms of colon cancer

As you know, the human gut consists of the following departments: fat, small intestine, rectum, cecum, and sigmoid colon. And in each of these departments may develop the disease with specific symptoms. The most serious and frequently occurring disease is malignant tumor of colon cancer.

Today itself causes cancer of any localization doctors are not installed. You can select only some of the factors, provoking the emergence and development of malignant tumors.

Causes of colon cancer:

  • and chronic inflammatory bowel disease;
  • wrong new diet (a predominance of meat and no refined foods);
  • hereditary factors.

It is known that bowel cancer the lot of people age 40 and older (more than 85% of cases), and men suffer more often, about three times than women.

First signs of colon cancer:

  • poor appetite, weakness;
  • aversion to food, especially to meat products and fats;
  • the presence of blood in the stool.

And the blood included in the stool, but does not appear after emptying, as hemorrhoids. Bleeding is a result of damage in the feces of location of the tumor.

The symptoms of a more serious stages:

  • in addition to bleeding in the feces is present in the mucus and pus that is characterized by more relevant and fetid odor;
  • bowel obstruction a result there are long constipation, bloating after eating, heaviness;
  • frequent urge for evacuation, possible diarrhea and a change in its usual color;
  • possible weight loss;
  • the decrease in blood pressure, pale skin, cold sweat is typical for cancer of the cecum;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium is present if you experience swelling in the right half of the colon (the tumor in the colon can be felt with the hands);
  • nausea and vomiting, not bringing relief to the patient and accompanied in some cases by a fever.

Rare signs of colon cancer


  • Ultrasound evaluation of the dissemination of lesions in combination with CT scans, x-rays, laparoscopies and cytoscopy.
  • If a dangerous disease is still evident, it is better to know about it and time to start the treatment of malignant tumors. Moreover, tumors in the intestine at early stages gives almost one hundred percent recovery, using only conservative treatment without surgery.