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Treatment of skin cancer

Skin cancer is malignant neoplasm of the skin. The tumor most often appears around the eyes and on the nose. First observed a discoid seal, which over time covered with a brownish crust. Cancer of the skin very fast growing, but characteristic of a dense cushion on the edges is always preserved.

cancer. Can be diagnosed in different parts of the skin. Cancer cells spread rapidly, the disease is complicated by cancer, is acute. The main symptoms of skin cancer of this type:

  • convex growths on the skin with hyperkeratotic surface;
  • bleeding tumour at its further increase;
  • desquamation of tumor formation, the proliferation of them in depth and over the skin.
    3) Melanoma. Occurs as a result of injury, infection, growths as congenital nevi and acquired. Signs of malignant tumors:
  • appearance dark brown to black color;
  • uneven borders;
  • asymmetry;
  • flaking, itching;
  • bleeding;
  • hair loss in damaged areas.

If treated skin cancer? With early diagnosis can prevent complications and to fully cure the tumor. Therefore, any growths on the skin and their deformation is to be examined by a doctor.

Early treatment of skin cancer – the key to a positive result.