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Skin cancer: the initial stage

Skin cancer is one form of malignant tumor that affects both men and women equally. The tumor predominantly occurs in the skin of exposed areas.

How does skin cancer

There is quite a topical question of how does skin cancer. Many people do not pay attention to age spots on the skin that grow and become darker, convex. It is possible that this manifestation of skin cancer.

Skin cancer: the initial stage looks at first glance quite harmless. But this view is deceptive.

Starts as skin cancer?

Let's see how the cancer starts in the skin. Skin cancer usually begins with the emergence of small pink spots, and sometimes several of these spots. After applying anti-inflammatory cream stain seems to be fading. But then again. On the spot is a small seal: the dimple in the Central part or the cushion on the perimeter. In some cases, may appear a slight peeling, and then the crust, bleeding.

Symptoms of skin cancer