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Symptoms of bowel cancers can be quite small

The concept of intestinal tumors involves several different diseases characterized by the development of tumors. Decided to allocate of the tumor is thick, the small intestine, tumors of the rectum. Depending on the affected part of the intestine can be diagnosed with different types of tumors. Quite often neoplastic processes in the intestine are malignant. For this reason, members of families where someone has suffered similar problems should pay more attention to their health and undergo regular inspection.

Unfortunately, tumours can be asymptomatic for some time. Therefore, their timely identification and special programs. For example, people after 45 years desirable to annually pass a stool for occult blood. The results with high accuracy determine the presence or absence of neoplastic process in the intestine.

Symptomatology of tumors of the intestine

vzdutie zhivotaSo, symptoms of bowel cancers may not appear immediately. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Although sometimes some minor (at first glance) changes in bowel just testify to trouble and that it would be nice to pass the examination.

Signs of bowel cancers can be:

  • Intestinal disorders: bloating, constipation, diarrhea,
  • Discomfort in the abdomen: feeling of heaviness, loss of appetite, belching, nausea, vomiting,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Pathological impurities in the stool: mucus, blood,
  • Feeling that bowels are not completely emptied when urinating.

These symptoms can appear already in the early stages of tumor development. For more recent manifestations characterized by:

  • Anemia,
  • Deterioration in General health,
  • Palpable tumor in the abdomen.

Symptoms of tumor of the intestine depending on the form of the disease

The different localization of the tumor prevalent different symptoms. Depending on this, decided to allocate form intestinal tumors.

Stenosing form

In this form often develop tumors of the colon. Appears chronic or acute intestinal obstruction due to stenosis (narrowing) of the colon. When the tumor develops in the left half of the colon, the obstruction appears faster as the lumen of the intestines, than in the right side. If the narrowing of the lumen is small, the disease is manifested only periodic pains, constipation and bloating. If the lumen of the intestine overlaps substantially or completely, is temporary or complete bowel obstruction. This condition requires urgent assistance. As a rule, the operation to restore the patency of the blocked area of the intestine. In severe cases the patient may die.

Enterokolita form

Symptoms of tumors of the large intestine may be diarrhea and constipation. These symptoms occur separately or together. The mechanism of development of constipation clear. But the diarrhea occurs because of fermentation processes with long delay stool above the tumor, that is, narrowing of the lumen of the intestine. Fermented stool becomes liquid and can exit the intestine.

Anemic form

In this case, the main symptom of anemia, decrease in hemoglobin level. This symptom can be one of the early symptoms. Anemia occurs as a result of bleeding from the tumor or the formation of non-specific tumor antigens. Bleeding may not be visible, then the tumor continues to develop unhindered, because the patient did not bother. In some cases the blood becomes visible in the stool. This is a particular cause for concern and to seek medical attention.

Diarrheal form

A tumor of the small intestine in somecases manifests itself by symptoms of dyspepsia. The patient experiences nausea, vomiting occurs, often burp. Usually these phenomena relate to the troubles of the stomach. If after examination of the stomach the diagnosis is not successful, then the next stage of the survey should be directed to the intestines.

Pseudopolymelia form

Malignant tumor of the bowel can masquerade as acute appendicitis, adnexitis or other inflammatory processes. Patient have fever, stomach ache. These symptoms occur during germination of the tumor in adjacent organs and tissues or during its decay.

Pain form

bol v zhivoteIn this form of the disease the main manifestation is pain in different parts of the abdomen. It often occurs, as in the previous case, during germination of the tumor to other tissues, particularly in retroperitoneal.

Most often, when bowel tumours present with complex symptoms, but sometimes there is only one of them. If this symptom does not manifest acutely, then the patient is not in a hurry to the doctor. And the later the diagnosis, the treatment of tumor of the intestine more difficult and the chances of a favorable outcome less. Although the overall prognosis of various tumors of the intestine is quite favourable.