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Treatment of adenomyosis

Internal endometriosis of the uterus called adenomyosis. When adenomiose cells of the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) begin to multiply outside their natural location. Found adenomyosis ovarian, fallopian tube, but most often adenomyosis affects the uterus, endometrium penetrates into the muscular layer.

The causes of adenomyosis:

  • Violations of fetal development girls;
  • Traumatic effect on the endometrium, arising from spasms of the cervix during menstruation.

Of adenomyosis:

  • Focal adenomyosis. The introduction of endometrial cells occurs separate foci that can be both small and significant size.
  • The nodular form of adenomyosis is accompanied by the formation of nodes in places of penetration of endometrial cells in the muscular layer. Nodes are usually filled with blood or dark fluid.
  • Diffuse adenomyosis is manifested by the formation of pockets in the endometrium, penetrating into the interior of the uterus.

How to treat adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is a systemic disease, besides its symptoms can be very individual and difficult to predict. Therefore, the treatment of adenomyosis requires an individual approach.

What should you consider?

  • The age of the patient,
  • The desire to have children in the future
  • Prevalence and localization of pathological process,
  • The severity of the clinical picture,
  • The General condition of the body,
  • The duration of the disease.

How to diagnose adenomyosis? You need clinical examination, examination by a gynecologist and ultrasound examination, but the leading method of diagnosis is transvaginal ultrasonography. It allows you to identify the foci of adenomyosis.

Characteristic exeprince adenomyosis:

  • The zone of increased echogenicity in the muscle tissue of the uterus and anechoic areas in it, the cystic cavity.
  • The increase in size of the uterus and thickening one of the walls;
  • The uneven thickness of the endometrium;
  • The identification of bands of high and low echogenicity;
  • The roundness of the shape of the body of the uterus.

Treatment of adenomyosis includes the following methods:

  • Conservative: hormonal, anti-inflammatory therapy, vitamin therapy, immunomodulators, measures aimed at the maintenance of liver function, the elimination of anemia.
  • Surgical treatment. It can be radical (complete removal of uterus and ovaries), organ-preserving surgery (excision using laparoscopic techniques).

From the beginning of treatment are assigned a conservative measure of exposure. In cases where no effect occurs or after this course of treatment, the disease returns again and again, resort to surgical methods. In recent years, surgical treatment has changed. Abdominal surgery with removal of organs, which were once the only salvation, was not used so often. Today for treating adenomyosis used endoscopic methods of surgery, and women of childbearing age can have children after surgery to eliminate the hotbeds of proliferation of the endometrium in the body of the uterus.

Indications for surgical intervention:

  • Adenomyosis combined with endometrial hyperplasia;
  • Endometroid ovarian cysts;
  • Suppuration of the appendages of the uterus affected by endometriosis;
  • Adhesions;
  • The ineffectiveness of hormone therapy for more than 3 months;
  • The presence of somatic diseases, which are contraindications to long-term hormonal therapy.

allow to slow down the progression of the disease and in many cases give the opportunity to "buy time" until menopause, when adenomyosis independently regressed on the background of the changed hormonal composition of the body.

This can assist folk remedies. Treatment of folk remedies adenomyosis is not a quick process, to implement the recommendations should be exactly and carefully, and don't forget to consult with your doctor because there might be contraindications.

One of the universal natural remedies – blue clay. Her need to pour water that she was soaked. To compress the desired homogeneous mass, from which you can make pellet. The cake thickness of about 2 cm heated, but not hot, is applied on the lower abdomen for 2 hours, this is a good time to lie down and lie. After each procedure, the "waste" clay discarded.