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Appeared a lipoma on my leg, what to do?

Well-groomed and beautiful feet is a dream for any man. And if they get any flawed, then it is a problem, both cosmetic and medical. Convex education, which after some time passes, but rather increases, is called a lipoma. How to get out of such a situation, what to do and how to treat?

What is a lipoma and causes

Lipoma is a lump that is shaped like a pea and soft to the touch. The tumor may appear at any age in any person. However, most Wens disturb the women, who range in age from 30 to 50 years. There are cases of lip in children and adolescents. They can be single or multiple.

lipoma na nogeLipoma on foot is a benign tumor, the accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the lower covering of the skin. It can grow, so experts recommend as early as possible to begin treatment and removal.

To date, the exact causes of Wens is not. Although it is possible to identify several factors that influence the appearance of tumors. Three main causes of lipoma on leg:

  • The hormonal reactions in the body: this group includes hormonal imbalance in women (climatic period) and damage to the hippocampus
  • Genetic predisposition: doctors say that this is the main reason for the appearance of talc, which can be inherited
  • The third reason is the blockage of sebaceous glands because of slagging of the organism

Secondary factors include:

  • Overweight person
  • The lack of many vitamins
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, and liver disease
  • Eating foods with lots of additives and preservatives
  • Bad habits: Smoking and drinking alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Minimal physical activity

Lipoma of the knee joint

A lump formed in the region of the knee joint can only be removed surgically. Symptoms are quite simple: knee pain, swelling and stiff.

The main visual symptoms are reddening of the skin, the body temperature in the affected area higher than the temperature of the whole body.

The cause of the lump is trauma, a hematoma or bruise.

The main symptoms of Wens and professional treatment

To recognize a lipoma on the leg visually. No other features of education does not have. Talc on the initial stage of development have a small form of a pea, painless to the touch and moveable, separated from the skin, the consistency soft and elastic.

Very often people living with lipoma many years. However, if left untreated, there may be bad consequences. Over time, the lump increases in size and can grow deep into. In this case, it compresses the underlying organs and nerve endings. As a result, the person feels a dull pain.

Diagnosis is performed in the clinic. Only a doctor can determine the nature of the emergence of education after inspection. If he has any doubt that the tumor is malignant, the doctor may prescribe:

  • The x-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • The CT
  • Cytological puncture

Treatment of lipoma on foot is only possible through surgery:

  • Surgical removal of fatty lipoma
  • Puncture aspiration operation
  • Laser surgery

Ideal for lipoma on leg – removal laser. This operation sparing, in comparison with others. Full recovery and healing comes through a week. Advantages of laser surgery are the lack of scar and the risk of inflammatory reactions.

Important! Lipoma is a serious illness treatment, which does not needtighten!

Some popular recipes

Many people do not trust medicine or are simply afraid to go to the doctor. For such there are several effective recipes from Wen.

Infusion of burdock

For preparation will need: the roots of burdock and vodka. In a blender grind a small amount of burdock roots (one large or two small ones) and pour vodka (preferably homemade!). The ratio of 1:1.5, that is, a stack of crushed roots and a half of vodka. Infuse the liquid for 30 days in a cool and dark place. Ready infusion should be drunk two times a day one tablespoon on an empty stomach.

Ammonia and water

To prepare the solution you need to combine ammonia and water in equal proportions 1:1. Moisten it with a cotton ball or disk and applied to the lipoma. Change the compress after discharge from Wen. To do this procedure several times a day. Ideally, three. After compress it is advisable to handle the education streptocidum ointment (10%). The duration of treatment is one month.

Important! No matter how effective were traditional remedies, a complete cure and a good effect can be obtained only after surgical intervention.

Lipoma is a condition that can occur when anyone. Do not overeat and stick to a healthy lifestyle, and all will be well!