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Lipoma on the neck

Wen or, as it is called in the medical environment, a lipoma is a benign formation, composed of fat. It can be placed in any part of the body, but most often is placed under the skin in the head, neck and shoulder Department.

Many people live with this problem for decades without feeling any discomfort and not seeing the reasons to go to the doctor. But if the lipoma on the back of his neck, the person may not be aware of its existence.

Generally, the lump is painless, but, as a rule, increases with age, may cause discomfort to the person when wearing slinky or tight-fitting clothes. Lipoma on the neck can make it difficult to wear cardigans with narrow neck. Also it can cause mental discomfort, as is obvious cosmetic defect.

Where does it come from?

Causes of white bumps are not precisely known so far. Most often, these include:

  • A failure in the sebaceous glands caused by hereditary metabolic disorders;
  • The failure of hormonal regulation of fat metabolism resulting from traumatic brain injury;
  • Menopause can also affect female hormonal balance, which leads to the formation of clumps of adipose tissue that become lipoma.

Treatment of lipomas: traditional methods or traditional medicine?

Despite its harmless lipoma still needs treatment under medical supervision. It is not necessary to resort to treatment lipoma on the neck of the to put on yourself experiments. All these favorite home doctors absorbable poultices and compresses are not a panacea and can lead to complex problems.

As soon as you notice that the Wen grows in size, contact the hospital. There, you will choose the method of remedy. But first be sure to diagnose education and find out its nature. The survey consists of a puncture lipomas and taking its contents for analysis, as well as ultrasound in the study area.

Why should you contact the doctor?

lipoma na sheeIn the neck are located the vital organs, so any extra education threatens to interfere with the natural processes of the body.

Also, over time, a lipoma can grow inside the organs, pushing the muscles.

Even if someone from your acquaintances a lot of years living with this problem, you should not tempt fate, because any rubbing or squeezing can cause of the degeneration of Wen in the more serious education. For example, in the lipoma of Madelung. This kind of benign tumor most common in men after forty and looks like a symmetrical circle of education, which subsequently thicken and deform the neck.

Especially dangerous if you are not sure if you are a carrier of the lipoma or is it something else. It can be as cervical degenerative disc disease and malignant tumor, so a trip to the doctor should not be postponed indefinitely.

The symptoms of cervical lipoma

If you find on your neck or on the baby's neck is a lipoma, to determine if it's a she, or another education is possible on the following grounds:

  • Education is not painful when pressed;
  • Soft to the touch;
  • Has a round or oval shape;
  • No increases (or very slowly) in size;
  • Under the skin flexing.


Now medical institutions offer a fairly wide range of services aimed at addressing the cosmetic defect. The patient selects the most appropriate method of treatment in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

  • lipoma na sheeThe most common is surgery. If the lipoma is small in size, of the patient in surgery under local anesthesia, and in its larger sizes use General anesthesia.Scalpel made a small incision Wen and its content gently squeezed. Then, the resulting capsule is thoroughly cleaned. This method may not be suitable for those who do not want to put up with a scar in a visible place, because this procedure leaves a scar. Also, this method does not guarantee that the lipoma at the same location will not appear again.
  • Lipoma removal by laser often choose for ourselves women, because it leaves no scars, hardly noticeable, and the effects of surgery heal very quickly. These advantages of laser surgery makes it more suitable for the removal of a Wen on the neck. Besides it gives the assurance that this place will not occur re-education.
  • Removal of adipose tissue from the lipoma with a syringe with a special needle - a simple operation that practically does not cause pain. The only weight but its disadvantage is that the "capsule" Wen remains in the human body and it can again begin to accumulate fatty tissue.
  • With a small amount (up to three inches) Wen it can be eliminated by injecting a special absorbable drug. The effect will not be instant, but after three months you will most likely forget about the problem.