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Lipoma in the hand: symptoms, risks, treatment

Lipoma is a benign neoplasm, which consists of adipose tissue. Such education occurs equally in women and men. Also the formation of lipomas may be exposed to children. Lipoma or fatty lipoma can occur anywhere on the body where there is fatty tissue. Often there is a lipoma in the hand. At first she may be small, discreet, it can be easily confused with other entities. But gradually increasing it, and the lipoma is difficult to confuse with any other entities.

The reasons for the formation

Significantly not were the causes of the formation of lipomas. There are several theories regarding the origin of the lipoma:

  • genetic predisposition – people whose relatives had similar formations on the body, the likelihood of developing lipomas above;
  • violation of the sebaceous ducts, slagging of the body – this condition is also presumably considered a cause of lipomas;
  • hormonal imbalances (menopause, pregnancy, disruption of the hypothalamus), it is considered that for this reason, most lipoma often appears on the hand of women.

The clinical picture


lipomaLipoma is not a threat to human health except in the cases when Wen for a long time there on hand. Chronic education can degenerate into malignancy. The probability of this is small, but it exists. Of lipoma can a fatty lipoma turn into liposarcoma.

Another complication Wen on the hand may be compression of the surrounding tissue, resulting in disrupted the normal blood supply, innervation of the hand, problems may arise with the functional ability of the limb.

Also, in some cases, there is a development of the inflammatory process in the lipoma, sepsis. In this case, require examination of the patient.


Diagnostics for experienced professionals is simple. Even if inspection and palpation the doctor can make a diagnosis. But can also be analysis and visual exploration. For these purposes, use x-ray and ultrasound examinations, a biopsy for the study of tissue formation.


Self-treatment of lipoma in the hand is not only not recommended, but may be harmful to the patient. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze or puncture the Wens! This can lead to the formation of multiple lipomas and other complications.

Also there are a lot of traditional medicine: cinnamon, garlic, Kalanchoe, and Golden mustache. These medicines may be used with the permission of the doctor because there are contraindications.

In the clinical setting, lipoma of small size are treated by the administration of drugs for the breakdown of fatty tissue. Large lipomas removed surgically or with laser surgery.