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How is the treatment of the lipomas of the breast?

A lipoma is a tumor that consists of fatty tissue. It may have different localization, to impress the patients subcutaneously to form on mucous membranes or internal organs. The latter type of tumor is the most dangerous for patients. Lipoma of the breast is one of the possible varieties of talc. This benign formation is formed from subcutaneous fat. Localization and size of the tumor may be different. A lump in the breast may pose a risk to women's health. Require timely appropriate treatment of pathology.

The reasons for the development

Lipoma in the breast most commonly affects women after 45 years. Education is a capsule with sharp boundaries, which inside is filled with Mature fat cells. Reliably the causes of lipomas has not been established, but presumably the risk factors for the development of Wen the following:

  • lipoma molochnoj zhelezygenetic predisposition;
  • pathology of the endocrine system (hormone imbalances, hormonal medications, thyroid disease, diabetes);
  • the metabolic disorders (abnormal lipid metabolism, disruption of the sebaceous and sweat glands);
  • the slagging of the body, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • injury;
  • increased body mass.

Indirect risk factors are sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, unhealthy diet. Also, environmental contaminants, radiation exposure, multiple births, pregnancy with manifestations of stretch marks on Breasts contribute to blockage of the lumen of the duct of the breast. Wearing tight clothing or the wrong sized underwear provokes various diseases of mammary glands. Atheroma afflicting the female Breasts can turn into lipoma over time. All these factors can be decisive in the formation of pathology.

The clinical picture

By itself, the lipoma does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations. Even when pressed, it causes no pain. To the touch the lipoma resembles thick dough. The shape of the lipoma of the breast may be flat, rounded or oval. It has clear contours.

If education does not increase in size, it is not dangerous. With increasing education requires a mandatory removal.

The danger of education

Lipoma can turn into Mariposa, angiolipoma and other types of entities, if the adipose tissue be added to the other tissues that comprise the tumor. The large size education provoke compression of the surrounding tissues, violation of blood circulation. As a result, may develop necrosis (necrosis) tissues.

Could it be a lipoma breast cancer. Yes, such cases happen. In this case, the lipoma turning into a liposarcoma. While there is pain in the affected breast and there is discharge. This is a very dangerous disease that is subject to mandatory surgical resection. Moreover, it is very important to cancer diagnosis occurred before entity will be deleted. In case of incorrect removal of the tumor in almost 100 % of cases metastatic spread to the woman's body.


In addition to inspection and palpation of education conduct surveys of the patient. Used x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography. Additionally, requires histological studies content, taken when carrying out the puncture.


lipoma molochnoj zhelezyTreatment of lipomas of the breast is performed after diagnosis of differentiated education. In the absence of signs of growth and progression of possible monitoringpatient. After six months or a little more spontaneous resorption. But if there are signs of growth required surgical intervention.

The only recognized effective treatment for this tumor is surgical treatment. Additionally in the postoperative period the patient prescribed medication (vitamins, immune-modulating drugs). Can also be recommended hormone therapy and proper nutrition. Also important is the rejection of bad habits. Patients need a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment of lipomas of the breast folk remedies could not be implemented without the approval of the attending physician. It can complement the main treatment and can be prevention of recurrence.