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What is the tumor marker s100 and what it is used?

Cancer is a malignant tumor that can affect various organs and structures in the human body. Timely diagnosis of the disease increases the patient's chances of recovery. To detect the disease are special tumor markers – substances, concentrations of which in the body can assume the existence of malignant disease in humans. Such analysis is conducted in a timely manner in many cases allows you to save a life. Some forms of cancer are very aggressive, metastasize even in the early stages of their rapid growth. Early treatment can save the patient's life. Tumor markers such as s100, to diagnose serious diseases of the human brain.

Characterization of the tumor marker s100

onkomarker s100S100 protein is a tumor marker which allows to diagnose the disease is of a malignant nature, as melanoma (skin cancer). It is not the most common type of skin cancer, but one of the most dangerous. Even the early stages can be accompanied by metastasis, which happens in most cases its detection. The prognosis for this form of cancer is quite unfavorable.

The s100 tumor marker is a cell - and tissue-specific protein that performs various cellular and extracellular functions. Increased concentration of s100 indicates a malignant melanoma or several other cancers.

But be aware that tumor markers do not give one hundred percent accuracy. Increasing the concentration of protein in the body can be associated with other serious diseases or pathological conditions of the person. Because the analysis is carried out several times to improve the reliability.


In addition to melanoma the increased concentration of s100 protein in the patient's blood may indicate the following conditions:

  • bolezn alcgejmera traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease;
  • neurological disorders, stroke;
  • other neoplastic diseases (cancer);
  • subarachnoid bleeding (bleeding);
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • hepatic encephalopathy;
  • bipolar disorder;
  • inflammatory diseases etc.

In addition to the detection of melanoma tumor marker s100 has a great diagnostic value to detect abnormalities of the brain. This allows you to start treatment before there are serious violations.

Preparation and analysis

For the determination of the tumor marker in the blood of a patient blood sample in the morning on an empty stomach. Special considerations when testing no, but the patient must follow the General rules.

Eat to the analysis of preferably not less than 8 hours. To drink carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee are not recommended. Food usually also recommend some: you should not take fatty food at least a few days before blood sampling. Alcohol is also prohibited to patients before testing.

Immediately before testing, the patient should not perform excessive exercise. At least 15 minutes it needs to be in a state of rest. Various medical treatments (physiotherapy, massage) before testing should be agreed with your doctor. The same applies to receiving medication.

Rate and transcript analyses

The rate of tumor marker s100 in the analysis of the patient's blood is 0,105 µg/l to 0,2 µg/l. Also for the analysis of tumor marker may be a fence cerebrospinal fluid. The norm in the analysis is the measure to 5 mg/L. When the value more than 5 units can be suspected in humans the presence of any abnormalities.

Transcripttumor markers s100 should be based on the testing methods. Based on analysis of a single diagnosis is not possible. It is necessary several times to repeat the tests, better in parallel by two different methods. In most healthy people, the concentration of protein in the body in the blood test are even less 0,105 µg/L.

After the diagnosis analysis of oncomarker is performed to assess the effectiveness of treatment and determine the patient's current condition. Early detection of melanoma and pathologies of the brain can significantly increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome of therapy for the patient.