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Endocrine system gives cause for concern? Tumor markers thyroid

Thyroid gland refers to the internal endocrine system of the body. Every year an increasing number of malignant diseases. For people who are in the group of risk, it is important to undergo examination by an endocrinologist, and at least once a year to take the test, the lack of tumor markers in the blood.

Diagnose thyroid tumor

Note that thyroid cancer to date quite often. The main problem of timely detection of the tumor, is that in the early stages of development, neoplasm gives vivid symptoms.

The patient may not feel discomfort in the area of the thyroid gland, and only at the time of "rapid" development of the tumor, its starting to bother serious symptoms:

  • kashel bez prichinycoughing for no reason;
  • sudden weight loss;
  • the state of suffocation shortness of breath;
  • General weakening of the body;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • increased body temperature;
  • hoarseness.

Scientists say that thyroid cancer is most common in the fairer sex. "At risk" includes women after 30 who have a genetic tendency to form tumors.

For diagnosis, it is sufficient to use standard survey methods – an ultrasound of the surrender of biochemical blood analysis and biopsy. Diagnostic methods can be used individually, or in group.

Additional methods of research

Note, tumor markers in thyroid cancer, is used as an additional method of examination of the patient. The markers represent a unique protein formation, through which the laboratory can detect the presence of cancer cells. A set of tumor markers in each of the tumor types – will be different.

onkomarkery na rak shitovidnoj zhelezyAnd still shows what tumor marker thyroid cancer? The type of the tumor markers CEA clearly speak about the progression of neoplastic disease. The sooner the patient who has suspected cancer of the thyroid gland, pass a blood test, the correct and prompt treatment begins, which increase the chance to return the person to a healthy life.

A list of tumor markers that you need to determine thyroid:

  • The thyroglobulin (tumor marker normal thyroid gland, the thyroglobulin, is considered the figure to 11 ng/ml).
  • Calcitonin. The level of this hormone will increase in the event of progression of the tumor malignancy.

For the delivery of this analysis, the patient must visit the Oncology clinic. In the case where analysis of thyroid cancer is positive, the patient needs to urgently turn to the oncologist, to conduct the necessary treatment.

Treatment can be carried out in two ways – radiation therapy or surgery. Unfortunately, none of these methods can guarantee that the tumor will disappear forever. In medicine, there have been known cases when the tumor recurred.

How to prepare for testing?

Found out that the analysis to determine the level of tumor markers in the blood, administered to determine the presence of cancer cells. Patients who have endocrine problems, at least once in six months must pass this test.

Testing needs to be taken seriously:

  • Eliminate the use of alcohol and tobacco during the day.
  • The analysis is best taken in the morning, on an empty stomach definitely.
  • 10 hours prior to the collection of urine or blood, avoid intake of fatty and sweet foods.
  • Eliminate the stress and physical exertion.
  • Do not use drugs.

If the patient wants to excludeblood, it can pass urine on the detection of the level of tumor markers in the body. In the case of urine collection, the patient will have at least two days will abstain from unprotected sex.

Correct diagnosis by results of the analysis can only be a specialist. In any case it is not necessary to do a home diagnosis and treatment. This can can lead to manage their consequences!

Regular monitoring, examination by a specialist and timely fence the necessary tests, will save you from possible problems. Thyroid cancer is a serious disease, but it can be overcome, if the time to turn to doctors! Good health.