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Cancer legs a rare but dangerous tumor

zlokachestvennaya opuholA malignant tumor is one of the most serious diseases, where a greater percentage falls in an adverse outcome — death. Today many forms of this disease susceptible to treatment, but despite this the world remains very a lot of people suffering both from the disease and accompanying complications.

Among cancers, tumors of bones and soft tissues of the foot is rare, about two percent of all cases. However, the disease is concentrated in young people, so the percentage is much for society.

Due to the poor quality of treatment and, subsequently, disability, cancer legs today is not a small problem. Malignant tumor of the extremities is not a fatal disease, if early treatment.

How to distinguish the malignant from the benign?

Benign neoplasms are recognized faster and due to this are avoided tragic consequences. Tumors of this type are slower growing and their edges well defined, that is not true about malignant manifestation.

uvenilnaya kista kostiThe disease with a positive clinical picture include:

  • Chondroma of the foot. This type of tumor has the ability to develop into cancer if not to cure her to sprawl in a big size and then pinched nerves and blood vessels that causes limitations in mobility of the feet.
  • Chondromyxoid fibroid is prevalent among young people, the lesion most often on the knees and hip joints.
  • Juvenile bone cyst is the subject in most cases children, with boys more often than girls, a benign tumor is formed in the region of the knee joint.

The symptoms that help to identify the disease

The main and very obvious symptom of foot pain is that as growth increases. Localization of the pain syndrome is concentrated not in the place of the hearth, i.e. if the affected knee, it does not mean that rooting will be it. Usually the pain comes in wave, then amplified, then, generally, no longer bother. Because of its ambiguity, the tumor has not attracted proper attention and therefore the disease progresses. In the future, uncomfortable sensations, and gradually formed in the region of the tumor. Physical activity gives more and more suffering, people can't play sports. The pain begins to occur at the time of passivity, especially at night. Painkillers do not bring the desired result.

Once the tumor begins to grow, symptoms changes in nature, the affected area disease starts to deform. The size of the tumor and even its borders can be felt by the hands that causes much pain, the skin around this place has elevated temperatures.

The rapid growth of cancer accounts for only for the first time, then he might even come to a complete stop. The skin over the tumor becomes much thinner and paler than other parts, a sense that it acquires the transparency, because clearly emerges veins.

temperatura telaOften the patient body temperature rises, losing weight, lost strength. Movement of the leg becomes difficult, and subsequently, the bone can even break from a minor injury.

Dangerous is that often this type of cancer is confused with other diseases because of similar symptoms, also, unfortunately, cancer notice too late, when already there is a progressing stage.

Very depressing stats, which shows that it is often after treatment of relapse, and to treat them much more difficult.

You should be very attentive toyour body, as if to ask for help too late, the only way out remains the amputation of a limb.

What to do in order not to lose his leg?

rentgenovskij snimok If for a long time suffers from pain, increased bone fragility, limitation in mobility, there is swelling should immediately seek the help of a specialist. It is necessary as accurately as possible to describe all the symptoms, an x-ray and bone scan, and biopsy. When the diagnosis is confirmed most often the tumor is removed by surgery, but also carry out radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which have their consequences, but are quite successful in their application. If all metastases are removed in a timely manner and, most importantly, qualitatively, the recovery occurs quickly enough.

It is important to monitor their health and support the immune system in good condition. And better the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, whether pain or just discomfort, immediately consult a doctor. It is much easier to eradicate the disease long before it appeared. It will help though as-that to protect itself from the unpleasant ailment.