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Cancer diagnosis in half an hour

laboratoriyaIn the oncologic dispensary of Magadan was the equipment of last generation that allows you to explore tumors of any localization.

Now the clinic is on the same level with other leading medical institutions in the field of Oncology. For the purchase of equipment was spent 140 million rubles.

The hardware is the apparatus, which can quickly and accurately examine the biopsy material, very high-precision microscopes, equipment for endoscopic examinations of the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system.

The new lab can perform more than 40 thousand analyses per year. In addition to cancer diagnosis, it is possible to carry out research related to immunity.

It is very important that the speed of execution of all diagnostic procedures increased. If you are still at least a week had to wait for the results of tests to final diagnosis, now Express diagnostics takes no more than half an hour, and no more than three full days.