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Stomach cancer stage 1

Stomach cancer – a disease that is long enough can not be. It depends on the nature of the tumor, its location, stage at which treatment is started, and, of course, on individual characteristics and spirit of the patient.

In the early stages the symptoms of stomach cancer can not be expressed and often remain invisible to most people. The main difficulty is that most patients with gastric cancer for many years have stomach ulcers. Symptoms of ulcers are similar to the symptoms of the cancer that is misleading: the patient does not attach importance to them.

Clinical manifestations of gastric cancer may be different. The symptoms of this disease can be divided into local and General. The main symptoms of stomach cancer this is the local symptoms associated with discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Among them the most common are

  • The lack of satiety food
  • Feeling of fullness and fullness in upper abdomen,
  • Reduction or even lack of appetite,
  • The exclusion of certain types of food
  • A feeling of dull pain,
  • Sometimes there is nausea, vomiting.

Common symptoms of stomach cancer:

  • Fatigue, decrease interest in work,
  • Amotivational General weakness,
  • Weight loss,
  • Lethargy,
  • Depression, apathy,
  • Anemia,
  • May increase the temperature of the body.

For patients with ulcer, it is important to pay attention to the changing nature of symptoms and the appearance of new, not previously observed. Patients used to the pain and problems, but we should not ignore even the slightest changes in health, you should immediately consult a doctor. These changes can be alarming. What you need to pay attention in the first place? Pain ceased to be associated with food intake, changed taste preferences, treatment has become ineffective. All this may indicate cell mutation and early cancer.