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Treatment of gastric cancer folk remedies

Stomach cancer occurs most often with zero acidity. The gastric juice, is alkaline (most of the time). Disturbance of acid-alkaline balance in the body possible for two reasons:

  • violation of the scheme of digestion;
  • dysfunction of the duodenum.

gold mustache Cup crushed plants rubbed with a glass of sugar and a teaspoon of sour cream, put in a gauze bag and lowered into a glass jar. All fill with water and put in a warm place. Two weeks later, kvass is ready. Take half a Cup before a meal twice a day. One month break – and continue to use. This drink is also suitable for preventive purposes.

  • Tincture of fly-agaric mushrooms to fight cancer cells: 500 gr. hats pour vodka (500ml), to insist in a dark place for a month. Take three times daily one drop diluted in a teaspoon of purified water.
  • Reception of various poisons to combat the tumor (flowers, potatoes, kernels of peaches, purified kerosene, etc.). But! Use caution and dosage.
  • Treatment of gastric cancer folk remedies has a positive results in the implementation of all recommendations of experts, the diet and an optimistic attitude.