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Fibroma of the soft tissues

Fibroma is a type of benign tumors that formed as a result of proliferation of connective tissue. Rounded, smooth, sometimes slightly wavy education, rather dense, often grows on a stem. Rarely painful, grows very slowly and does not penetrate into the surrounding tissue.

fibroma myagkih tkanej

The position can be anywhere where there is connective tissue, even on mucous membranes. More common in superficial areas:

  • limbs
  • back
  • neck
  • whiskey
  • ears
  • foot
  • vagina.

However, internal organs can also be the center of education:

  • light
  • the larynx
  • vocal cords
  • uterus
  • pancreas.

Are there specific causes of fibroids?

Fibroids does not appear selectively, it can be a person regardless of their age, gender, weight. The exact cause of education, the doctors can not articulate, however, there are several possible assumptions which are often referred to as:

  • genetic predisposition
  • preceding injuries of soft tissues, mucous membranes on the site of the lesion.
  • hormonal disorders
  • diabetes
  • trichomoniasis (lesion of the genitourinary system caused by the simplest).

What are the varieties of this type of tumors

The basic types – solid (composed of collagen and small amount of connective tissue) and soft (mainly fibrous tissue) fibroids. Soft often settles on delicate skin areas:

  • inguinal region
  • armpits
  • forever
  • neck.

Common mixed tumors, according to statistics, this phenomenon is more common in women:

  • fibrolipoma (fat and connective tissue)
  • fibroids (muscle and connective tissue).

Hard fibroma can appear equally in both men and women. Almost not noticeable, has a natural color a little more pink than the skin. When you are feeling slow-moving, located on a broad base, is firm and smooth surface.

fibroma myagkih tkanej

The soft fibroma is slightly prefers women. Resembles a wrinkled birthmark, often on the leg. Sometimes appears and develops several formations, it is called fibromatosis. It is easy to see because of the brownish color.


Symptoms that would immediately determine the kind of education, no. However, to see growth on your body of person can, and preferably after that, immediately go to the doctor.

  • If a visit to the doctor is postponed, the absence of bleeding in trauma education needs for concern, it is one of the symptoms of fibroids.
  • Also sometimes itching, or increased sensitivity at the location of the education.

Doctors diagnose fibroids:

  • by careful inspection, palpation and obtaining test results
  • to determine the malignancy of tumors, biopsy of tissue fibroma
  • to diagnose education, presumably located in the internal organs, the ultrasound is applied or rentgenografiya (the mouth), but to examine the fibroid can, if it has already reached a considerable size.


Fibroid is not a serious threat to human health, but the finding on the body of training which may be injured, rubbed with clothes and as a result become a hotbed of inflammation, just undesirable. So usually doctors recommend to get rid of it, that is to remove.

The basic methods of removing fibroids:

  • surgical excision

Is performed under local anesthesia, simple operation, after which almost never happenscomplications.

  • excision laser

Performed even without anesthesia, anesthetize only in exceptional cases. Incising the base of the formation, consequences and relapses do not occur.

  • excision of the radio-wave

The fibroid removed radiowave scalpel, almost painlessly removes only the diseased tissue. Also without consequences and relapse.

  • radiation therapy

To education affect special rays, from which its growth slows down, and then she disappears. Is assigned only in cases when other methods are not shown for individual reasons. Is not very effective, has no side effects.

Other guaranteed methods of getting rid of fibroids yet. If it is located in a place where perhaps her injury, the patient will have to agree to removing one of the surgical methods. The same will be done if the fibroids considerably spoils the appearance.

If the fibroid is not worried, not sick, simply do not touch.

The only thing to do is to self-medicate. Any tumor on the body is a medical problem and have to rely on medical methods of treatment.